Второй пост

a retrospective show at Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2016

Vita Buivid – artist working with photography, painting and collage. The exhibition occupying five floors of MMOMA in Ermolayevsky and including the artists’ projects from the early 1990s to the present.

As she has worked in New York and Paris, Vita Buivid’s art has largely been shaped by Moscow and Saint Petersburg, between which she has been based since 1998. Sometimes blending the images and aesthetics of the two cities to create paradoxical combinations, Buivid also has an entire series inspired by the atmosphere of each. Saint Petersburg works emanate coldness and alienation of the city’s classical style and the post-Soviet bohemian vibe, while the vibrant Moscow series are conceptual studies of glitz and kitsch.

Pushing the boundaries of photo-based art, Vita Buivid aestheticizes casual photography, exploring the content encoded in the form and accessible on different levels of perception. Each of her series presents a social and cultural narrative, exploring various aspects of bohemian life, family conflicts, personal experiences – part of the artist’s ongoing investigation of life that converts emotional experiences into existential ones. Despite being sometimes characterised as feminist, Buivid’s art can hardly be limited to this category. Nevertheless, the collision of the male and female perspectives – be it ironic or dramatic – is one of the key elements of her art. Buivid’s recent projects also offer a reflection on our time, reacting to various historical and political events. Over 30 works included in the show present an in-depth analysis of what it means to be human.

photo by V.Bulanov, A.Nikoforov


Curator: Sergey Popov 

RuArts Foundation for Contemporary Art:  Marianna Sardarova, Catherine Borissoff, Stasia Krol, Maria Topchiyants, Tatyana Vdovina

Moscow Museum of Modern Art: Vasili Tsereteli, Alexey Novoselov, Ekaterina Novokshenova, Vladislava Chubar, Sergey Smirnov

and all the team members